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The Australian Parliament


This site plans to source information from public government web sites relating to Members of Parliament and attempt to "clean up" the data before providing a number of searchable "views" of that data with an aim to both inform and to facilitate research

It is a work in progress. Current data refers to the Australian Federal Parliament

Choose a selection of party affiliation below and the report you desire filtered by those affiliations.

The Institutions report lists the number of MPs from the filtered list who have qualifications from a given institution. The “Qualification Totals” report gives the total number of MPs holding a broad qualification while “Jobs Totals” relates to the MPs who have declared that they have at some time worked in a job classification. The “No Quals” provides a list of MPs who have not declared any formal qualification.

From “totals” reports it is possible to obtain a list of all relevant Mps and from that list link to the source data on the APH site.

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Original data source from http://www.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members