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Android Applications

At this stage I do not have a successful Application or even a workable one.


The newer phone versions require make it harder to do this stuff. Most importantly at this stage I cannot stop the phone going into sleep mode and so aborting any attempt to follow a track or average a location.


I will probably not continue to chase my original goal of a useful navigation application. I have learned a lot however and have attempted to codify those lessons in templates and code libraries for future use.


Code Libraries published on GITHib

IsNavUtils - Provides a RNavigateLongLat record to manipulate Longitude and Latitude references and the functions and constants required to achieve this.

IsMobileSensors - My implementation of Delphi access to Mobile sensors. The code includes "dummy" sensors which allows code logic to be tested on Windows machines where no GPS sensors exists.

IsPermissions - Codifying my way of dealing with Mobile permissions

IsFmxGraphics -  Two objects TIsGraphics and TNavGraphics used to plot a series on GPS locations an a canvas for examination.


Templates and Sample Applications

SensorTabbedFormwithNavigation - Based on the TTabbedwithNavigationForm Template in Tokyo and extended to improve gesture support and to prevent inadvertent application closure.

AndroidExamineSensors Program - Should Compile and run on Android 5.1 and above and on Windows with dummy sensor input.

GoogleDirections - Simple sample program jumping from Delphi to Google Maps

Help and Manual HTML Skins - To enable Help and more importantly the download page to be accessible from devices I needed a "Responsive" HTML files and so need to develop an acceptable Help and Manual "skin" (not shared on GITHub)


Copies of the prototype application are available for download