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ADUG - Web and OO - Melbourne ADUG February 2010

ADUG Systems Developed Using OO Techniques and an OO DB

While Melbourne meetings have been discussing the relative merits of “data aware” and OO approaches to system development Andrea and Roger have been redeveloping ADUG’s Membership systems using an OO approach.

The new system involves a Web interface for members and a client server application for office bearers. The discussion on OO and Data Aware was examined in the context of this development.

This system belongs to all of ADUG and reflects on the image of ADUG. Constructive suggestions are always welcome. I am sure that there are lots of examples of spelling errors, convoluted instructions and logic errors. Please note these and forward them to the development team. The expectation was that after the meeting we would have a team big enough to start the fixes.

Roger believes that as systems get more complex OO becomes more attractive than DA but OO does require a different skill set. OO has a much greater start up effort but this becomes less as frameworks develop. OO is more fun.

We still require volunteers to join the team.

The Presentation Slides

The slide package from the presentation is available at

The CGI Application

The WEB application drives ADUG's Web Online services have a play here ADUG Members access the CGI when ever they Log on for Member Services.

If you are not an ADUG member you should consider joining Now .

Just playing - all these links exercise the application at

The Object DB

More information on the Object Database used including code samples and DCUs is available from An Object Database - ADUG Autumn Symposium 2008

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