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Delphi Programmer Update: The ADUG Autumn Symposium

Development of Visual Delphi Components with Internet Access

Presentation by Roger Connell at the ADUG Symposium.


Any Internet development seems to require threads to operate correctly. Components within Delphi are a useful way of achieving code reuse. The paper looks at the process undergone to emulate the VCL components TDirectoryListBox and TFileListBox as WEB enabled components by encapsulating an Indy FTP Client in a separate thread. It looks at the development decisions, problems encountered and solutions implemented.

The following are discussed


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Sample Application - FTP Solutions

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FTP Solutions

FTP Solutions is but one of many FTP Communications packages which run on Windows based systems. This software is an evaluation copy to solicit requirements from potential users.

There are three modes of operation of the software.

A “Drag And Drop” mode emulating Windows Explorer.

A “Group” mode which allows predefined files to be established as a group associated with a particular server and transferred individually or as a group to and/or from that server with minimum interaction.

A “Batch” mode which is achieved by establishing a group and saving it as a FTP batch transfer file. This file can then be referenced in a short cut as a parameter for FTP Solutions (or Double Clicked if FTP extension is associated with FTP Solutions). The Application will then transfer the group and close on completion.

The software stores the current configuration when closed. Drag and drop actions are collected against each server as a temporary group which can be made permanent by editing the group name. Internet file transfers happen in background mode so that other work can be continued while waiting for completion.

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