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These applications are were provided free. They are no longer freely downloadable as the registered customer base is not large enough to continue download support. Innova Solutions still has the code and the software could be made available on request.

Some are no more than useful tools we made for ourselves but we believe may be of interest to others while others are test releases of future products. All free download applications had a termination date which can be viewed in the help about screen. All software is copyright and may have licence conditions associated with its use. The software comes as is without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. The company accepts no liability for any alleged or actual damage arising from use of any of these programs.

Kris Kringle

Large extended families at Christmas often chose to consolidate the various gift purchases into a single gift by allocating each gift purchasers a single gift receiver. This is commonly known as Kris Kringle. Our Christmas Helper software is provided to assist in the allocation of Kris Kringle participants where it is desired that the members of specific groups (Eg the members of one family) are not allocated persons within their own group.

This software was originally developed as a demonstration of the Rapid Application Development (RAD) Platform. We had only two days including all help files. It remains in that form. Please excuse the rather basic functionality, look and feel, etc.


Aviation Assist - Weather

Specifically for use by pilots, Flight training schools, etc., this software is designed to access the Air Services WEB sites for weather information. The software enables automatic updates and forecast printing in a form configured locally.

Aviation Assist aims to provide an effective and easy means of accessing data on the Airservices Web Site. This software is an evaluation copy to solicit requirements from potential users. Planned extensions in later versions will enable the completion and lodgement of flight plans via the NAIPS interface. This current software will log on to NAIPS to retrieve Airport Longitude and Latitude if you are a registered Internet NAIPS user.


Name Description Expiry Date Link
Christmas Helper  Organize those Christmas gifts  02/01/2021  DownLoad Christmas Helper
Aviation Assist Pilots, we need your feedback 10/10/03 Download Aviation Assist





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