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Welfare Solutions is provided as a database to the manage and track the services provided to welfare recipients. It provides flexible management of the resources provided to and the composition of families receiving some form of welfare from your organisation.

Welfare Solutions originated from the card file system operating at Concern Geelong with the specific aim of removing the intensive manual reporting tasks and reducing the potential for double dipping or overuse especially in multi person households. It works best in a networked computer environment where the front desk, counselors and fund administrators all have simultaneous access to a single database but it can be operated off a memory stick passed between computers. It can, with appropriate security management, also support multiple locations accessing a single database over the Internet. The software does not rely on high powered computers with the latest wizardry and as such can be set up using relatively old second hand equipment.

The software has been developed by Innova Solutions at a non commercial rate to assist charitable welfare agencies to manage their information efficiently. The software development is seen as a partnership between the users and Innova Solutions Pty Ltd.

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